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The Caduceus and the Swastika by Steven M. Hacker MD
The Caduceus and the Swastika

The Caduceus and the Swastika follows the harrowing flight of three medical students and their professor as the insulated world of academia crumbles under the onslaught of Nazism. Max, Rebecca, and Stats want only to learn medicine, but the Reich has its own plans for their chosen profession, and still darker plans for them.

Recipient of 2016 The Historical Novel Society Editor’s Choice Award and longlisted for The Historical Novel Society 2017 Indie Award.

HNS Indie Reviews - Editor's Choice Award

HNS Indie Award 2017 - Long Listed

“Steven Hacker’s fantastic debut novel, The Caduceus and the Swastika, begins quietly enough, focusing on the small-scale academic and romantic challenges of Max, Rebecca, and Stats, a trio of medical students at the University of Breslau’s medical school. But the plot and the cast of characters steadily expand as the perspective becomes more wide-angle and begins to take in the dark forces of Nazism and rabid nationalism beginning to convulse Germany. The Reich begins to implement severe racist guidelines for the medical profession, and the trio of students and the larger cast are caught up in that tide of barbarism. Hacker expertly mixes fictional characters with historical figures and brings them all to life with marvelous effectiveness, especially through vivid, often pungent dialog. This is a tense, vividly memorable novel, not to be missed. Highly recommended.”
Caduceus and the Swatsika
By Teresa Devine, The Historical Novel Society Review

2016 Amazon Reviews for The Caduceus and the Swastika:
br> “One can never write too many words to make civilization remember the Holocaust.
Of the 550,000 Jewish citizens in Germany in 1932 half left during the imposition of the Nurenberg Laws 1932-1939 which impoverished, Dehumanized and eventually destroyed the 250,000 people that did not escape the Nazi evil. Steve Hacker makes these horrible statistics come alive by telling the story of the ethnic cleansing of Breslau Medical school through the eyes of five medical students, three Jews, one aryan aristocrat and one Nazi zealot. It also features a prominent Jewish Professor who is the one who sees the “writing on the wall” and organizes the illicit escape of the Jewish students. Like so many of the Jews who chose not to leave their beloved Germany, each one of the three Jewish students had a compelling reason to stay and is forced into the realization that they must leave. Hacker tells the exciting story of persecution and escape but the novel slows in the latter third which tells the story of N.Y.C. Medical school school politics noting the antisemitism as well as the coverup of submission of fraudulent data by a WASP medical Professor. In summary this novel is historically accurate, exciting to read and humanizes the tragedy of the Holocaust.”
5.0 out of 5 stars on
Caduceus and the Swatsika
By Arnold Goldschlager on April 2, 2016

“What a marvelous book to read on the train (where i read it) or a plane if you have internet access, as you will be constantly looking up the characters on Google to see if they were really as good or evil as made out to be. I won’t give away any plot info so you can enjoy the plot unfolding as I did; the weaving of fictional characters and historical ones is quite well done and the book is a page turner using the classic approach of a short chapter leaving you on the edge of a cliff dozens of times. Twists and turns keep you engaged a la Robert Ludlum - it is not Conrad or Shakespeare - but it does suck you in and has you not wanting to put it down. The good characters are mostly obvious as are the bad but the surprises keep you going. Not all is as it seems throughout the book. As a physician I enjoyed the medical bits but this will appeal to anyone who enjoys a suspense thriller.”
5.0 out of 5 stars on
Bravo for a new fiction writer on the suspense scene! I look forward to the next effort.
By Daniel M. Siegel on March 3, 2016

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430 Pages. List Price on $15.99.
PUBLISHED BY: Nano 2.0 Business Press.
ISBN-13: 978-0692623220 (Custom Universal).
ISBN-10: 0692623221.
BISAC: Fiction / Historical / General.

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